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Kisah Kasih dan Kekasih

Teks : Normah Kassim
Foto : Koleksi peribadi

Kisah di bawah ini menceritakan mengenai transfomasi suami saya. Secara tidak langsung mengenai anak saya dan juga saya. Teks dibawah dipetik dari penulisan pelatih peribadi kami di blog beliau.


A true story - Transformation & born of a blessed child
My mind is staring blank for a moment, I was thinking to myself, how do I write a beautiful true story of a family, particularly a guy, a client of mine, and a friend too. I decided to write this post, because I've never met anyone in my own country, who is a passionate and has strong belief about holistic ancestral living, as this guy. His name, is Hezren. I've wanted to write about what happened to him and his son, and it is time, that I share with whoever reading this post right at this moment.

 It started when I first met Hezren about two and half years ago. He was working in the same workplace as I am, and he came to me asking if he could join my program to improve his health and maybe lose some weight. When I initially meet him, I thought he was just one of those typical lazy Malaysian dude who just want to lose some weight and would end up quitting in few weeks time. He looked out of shape, mildly obese and totally sluggish. More like Malaysian version of a smaller size Nutty Professor.

I didn't want to underestimate and accepted him to join my program. At that time, he has a girlfriend but yet married. Fast forward to about a year later, he still in my program, as time passed, he continue to impress me with his self-belief and passion about health and fitness. One fine day, he asked me a very important question, "If I would to get married and want to have a healthy baby, what would me and my wife do, in regards to diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise?" He was asking for a genuine sincere guidance as both he and his soon-to-be wife is getting ready to conceive and follow whatever advise I give to them. Both of them listened with sincerity and below is what I advised them.

" In order for both male and female adults to conceive a healthy baby, a holistic approach towards the mind and body, hormonally, physiologically, and physically, for a recommended 9-12 months before conception. Meaning, both male and female must be reproductively, hormonally and physically healthy and ready before she gets pregnant. A period of at least 9 months to restore back the body's physiological functions to it's normal state for both soon-to-be mother and father. Most couples do not really think about what to do prior to pregnancy and this is a poor mistake. You have to fine tune back your circadian rhythm, eat organic whole foods and reduce as much toxins exposure as possible, manage your stress to its lowest level, ensure both work-in and workout exercises is balanced, and finally, always learn how to listen to your body. Optimum health, is not just a about diet and exercise, it's about holistic ancestral lifestyle which focus on drug-free approach. Both of you can be the role models for the people around you, influence and changing people life one at a time, starting with yourselves and your soon-to-be baby. Altering your metabolism and expressing your genes, your future baby will inherit whatever your body has transformed and improved."

From countless mentoring sessions, it turned into actual daily applications, and both of them got married at some point of time and they never turned back, until, Hezren's wife got pregnant. Getting pregnant is spot on as both reproductive systems are READY for what's coming next, a blessed baby. Many couples nowadays are suffering from fertility issues, conceiving is a problem for even younger adults in modern society. Hezren was about 96kg when the time he started my program, and today, he is 74 kg, 12% total body fat from 34%. From an estrogen-driven weak obese guy who suffers from asthma, he is now a much healthier, stronger and fitter person. His asthma condition has improved tremendously, and it is how he feels daily, which make body transformation and weight loss as secondary accomplishments. Most people became too obsessed with how they look from the outside, flat tummy, 6 pack abs and huge muscular arms, they forgotten what is even more important inside the body, from digestion to hormonal regulation, brain, cardiovascular to reproductive health, we have been strayed off course from how we suppose to live our life, ancestral living, hollistic approach, drug-free. We have been dependant on pharmaceutical drugs and conventional doctors, developing an addiction for processed foods and becoming slaves to the stressful jobs which most of us hate.

Now, with the permission of Hezren, I will post his actual testimony and the story of his 10 months old son, Muhammad Al-Fatih, and I hope we will have more people who still believe in ancestral hollistic living, drug-free and eating organic whole foods. From an individual who influence his family and friends, can one person change the world? The answer is YES. As long as we believe in what we do will influence and help one person at a time, it all start with 'HEALING ONE CELL AT A TIME".

Born Of Muhammad Al-Fatih - (Hezren's son)
(My 1st Experience of giving birth and I Choose to Make It as Home Unassisted Birth)

I have no idea how birth could be and how it feel but My husband and I want it to be in drug free, vaccination free and don’t want to birth in stressful environment as normal people do. We search around and God leads us to Amani Birth Class by Maria Zain and HUBM group.

I was on my 38 weeks and start to feel the contraction. In my mind I was thinking “yeah, maybe this is the one that people talk about and it means birth is near and maybe anytime..”, people said, 1st child usually little bit earlier from EDD..we was waiting and waiting the time to hug little one from 38 week to 39 week to 40 week. ?????? Nothing happen!!.. Okey..what is going on now.. I know that im not going to be a pregnant women forever and I know the baby somehow will come out but it takes very long time already and it make me wonder. I found out that I was stuck in prodromal labor for 1 month..

It was 41 weeks and I am still pregnant. The mild surge and contractions are always there but the baby still doesn’t come out. I start to think around and ask my husband should we go to doc?.. My husband asked me whether the baby is moving and what my body is telling me.. I said “baby is ok, he is moving like usual and my body said everything is ok just waiting the real time”..Then my husband said “then why you want to see doctor? DON’T!! she/he will induce..That is what we want to prevent”.. So I just stay at home and wait.

Another 3 days to enter 42 week which is from what we learn and research, the duration of pregnancy is 42 weeks and it more accurate as it follow lunar month.

Thursday 21 march..As usual, I will ignore the mild contraction as too much false alarm given previously. Me and husband go to sleep as usual and I was wake up with quite strong contraction and fell like to pee at 2:30 AM Friday. I go to pee and the contraction is continuously there and I can’t sleep with that contraction but I still can bare with it.. Therefore I just ignore and go on with it.

6 : 30 am Friday 22 march, contraction  more and more strong where myself said..”this is it!!..this is the real one.. my husband start to count the timing  of contraction.. 7:16 am the contraction very strong and longer 2 – 3 mins apart with 2-3 min long and my husband just stay with me and give support. I was start to vocalizing. To the end of transition around 8 am, I was start to complain “why so long? I can’t bare it anymore..” my husband ask me to be patient and remind me to stay calm and do deep breathing..

8:27 am, the contraction almost 10 min long and I feel the urge to push.. I can’t talk anymore, I was tried hard as I can to deep breath and not pushing.. I was vocalizing very loud like whole neighborhood can hear me. After 12 contractions, I can feel the baby’s head starts to crowning at 9:18 am. That is the last time my husband record the timing as I become more aggressive and he has to hold me and help me to change the position and give me water. I was non-stop shouting and my husband keep on remind me to shout positive word BIRTH IS NOT PAIN!!!!” ..“recite some Doa..” and  I just change the shouting word to positive thing “BIRTH IS NOT PAIN!!!!” when feel the surge and it help.. LOL..

Time for the ring of fire…”AAAAA!!!! Ring Of FIRE!!!” that is what come out from my mouth. Me and my husband somehow have time to laugh because I was being so funny as I can’t stop shouthing and somehow have chance to feel the orgasm before that… :P hahaha..few surge baby’s head come out and the surge was idle few min and I able to take some rest with deep breathing... Last surge come and baby’s body come out and my husband catches it and straight away gives it to me for kangaroo care. The cord was very short, I move to the place where I can lean my back. Right after that, the placenta came out. Thank god, the placenta came out very fast.

That is the precious moment of our family and I would like to say thank you for the unassisted group for giving me such knowledge in order for me to avoid hospital, drugs and vaccine. Me and baby are drugs free and unvaccinated.

HEZREN's testimonial:
I start this program on 27th May 2011, exactly on my wife birthday, it almost 2 years plus now. I was 96kg before I start workout and 34% body fat. I don’t even care about health at all. Fast food is my staple food sleep late every day more than 2 o’clock. The worst thing is I have asthma and I’m still smoking!! That was my biggest mistake ever!.  After joining this program the first thing I do I quit smoking ,and about 1 week I lost about 5kg, and that motivate me a lot. I learn how to eat right but at the same time I’m losing weight! That awesome right??  I also learn how to repair circadian rhythm (sleep wake cycle).
After a quite some time start to fall in love with holistic way, not just in exercise but in improving life style as well. My wife and I decided to apply holistic life style in our family and generation. We plan to alter our genetic to be more healthy people. On 22nd March 13 my son was born in natural way at my home without any drugs and medication involved. I did not give any drugs or vaccine to my son until now (10 month old) and fully breastfeed.

Back to my story again, after 2 years plus joining this program I lost about 20kg and my current weight is 74kg and my body fat is 11.3%.The good news is my asthma is GONE. And finally I will continue with this holistic life style and pass this valuable knowledge to my next generation. Last word from me “Stop being an estrogen driven species!!” Go Holistic!!


The transformation photos (topless) was taken mid of last year 2013. No commercial toxic protein powders, just eating organic whole foods and primal functional training.

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